About Us

Pet Pal is a new and revolutionary business that plans and organizes events for pets and their owners. We organize park runs, play days, training days, food festivals, etc. We believe that all pets and their owners should spend quality time together and have fun at the same time. Our events are great bonding and exercise opportunities and we guarantee you a lot of fun.

Pet Pal was started by Leo Martinez in 2010. He has been working with pets and other animals for more than 20 years and decided it is time to do something new. He has a fur family of his own that include 5 dogs and 3 cats. He also has a few fish and a parrot. He brings his cats and dogs to the relevant events and they always have a ball.

This business offers events for different pets and different pet owners. Some events are aimed at cats and others at dogs. There is even a reptile and bird event every now and then. At Pet Pal, it really is all about the pets. Our events not only organize activities, but there are also vendors of different kinds. They offer food for humans and pets, games, clothing, accessories, water, etc.

Visit our EVENTS page to see what great events are coming up soon.