Please visit our HOME page for rules and other information regarding our events. At each event, we indicate the suitability for different pets. Please take note of that. We follow strict organizational rules to make sure that every event is enjoyed by all our guests. Please don’t be the person to spoil the day for everyone.

Upcoming Events for 2017

Parkrun at the Park – 29 April @ The Florida Park

All dogs are welcome to join us on this fun hike or run trail. You can even bring your adventurous cat or goat if you like. Leashes are a must to help ensure the safety of all pets. Make sure to pack lots of water and any protective gear your pet may need.

Pet Expo and Games Day – 13 May to 15 May @ The Park Hotel and Conference Center

All pets are welcome as long as they are on a leash or in a cage or carrier outside of designated free play areas. This is to ensure order and safety. The expo offers different information sessions on caring for your pets, training your pets, nutrition, etc. The day is filled with games for different types of pets and there are prizes to be won. Examples of games include Fast-Fetch, Cat Shenanigans, Reptile Show, etc.

Games Day – 27 May @ The Dog Park

This games day is specifically aimed at dogs and their humans. The day involves several fun activities, games, and competitions for both and it is a lot of fun. It also offers a great opportunity for exercise and bonding.

Pet Grooming Workshop – 3 July @ Kingdom Farm

Bring your pet (any kind) and attend a workshop on grooming. The workshop will help you understand your pet and what will hurt him or her. You have the opportunity to try out the techniques with your pet while being guided and supervised.